Welcome to Beth Suryoye
ܒܫܝܢܐ ܘܒܫܠܡܐ ܠܒܝܬ ܣܘܖ̈ܝܝܐ

Beth Suryoye

Beth Suryoye is an international student house for students studying for the MA in Syriac Theology. 

Mission Statement

Beth Suryoye is a spiritual house in the heart of Salzburg with a Syriac spiritual atmosphere primarily for students of the MA in Syriac Theology. Based on the Syriac tradition the mission of the house is to provide spiritual formation to students in an ecumenical context under the auspices of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch. Beth Suryoye is committed to the fostering of knowledge and appreciation of the Syriac spiritual, liturgical, cultural, and intellectual heritage in all aspects. 

Beth Suryoye is wonderfully located on the banks of the Salzach river very close to both the university and the old city. Within a large listed building (1000 sqm), dating from the 18th century, it was renovated in 2018.

Beth Suryoye offers accomodation for 28 students, its own chapel, seminar rooms, dining room and communal lounge, conservatory, and beautiful gardens with seating areas overlooking the Salzach river.

Just 10 minutes walk to the university and the old city it enjoys excellent views over Salzburg from many of its rooms.

Living in Beth Suryoye

Close to both the university and the old city, Beth Suryoye is ideal for study, reflection and shared living and offers a unique combination of academic study combined with practising Syriac. As part of the life of the community students will be assigned daily tasks in pairs. The different tasks could include being part of the meal crew, cleaning communal areas or gardening.

See Beth Suryoye handbook

Improving your Syriac in Beth Suryoye

Living with native speakers in Beth Suryoye offers a great opportunity for students to improve their skills and knowledge of Syriac. Equally some evenings courses in Beth Suryoye are offered in  language, liturgy and spirituality. This works partly on a “student help student” basis.