Our MA Team

Dr. Aho Shemunkasho
Dr. Aho Shemunkasho Director of MA Syriac Theology
Dr. Saliba Er
Dr. Saliba ErLecturer Syriac language, liturgy and history

Meet our Visiting Lecturers

Dr. Kees den Biesen

Specialisation in liturgical science

Advanced Seminar: Syriac Biblical exegesis

Dr. Ephrem A. Ishac

Introduction to the Liturgical year, feasts and liturgical literature.

Syriac Commentaries on the Liturgy.

Theology of the Sacraments and Liturgical Anaphoras in an Ecumenical Context.

Prof. Dr. Hubert Kaufhold

History and development of Canon law

Dr. G. Wilhelm Nebe

Targum Aramaic: Introduction to Old Aramaic language and its dialects (biblical and Targum-Aramaic)

Dr. Erich Renhart

Specialisation in Liturgical Science (Sacramental Theology (roze) and Eucharistic Prayers (Anaphoras) in the Ecumenical Context)

Prof. Dr. Shabo Talay

Neo Aramaic Syriac: Introduction to contemporary spoken Aramaic/Syriac dialects and languages.

The Great Theologians in the Golden Age (5th-9th century): Christology and Ecclesiology

Dr. Edip Aydin

Specialisation in Canon law

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Dr. Yury Arzhanov

Philosophy and natural Sciences in the works of Syriac ecclesiastical writers.

Gabriel Aydin MA

Prosody and liturgical music

Prof. Dr. John Healey

From Paganism to Christianity

Dr. Li Tang

Beginnings of Syriac Christianity until the Ummayyad period (7th to 20th Century)

From the Ummayyad Period until the Ottoman Empire (7th to 20th Century)

em. Prof. Dr. Herman Teule

Selected Topics of the Syriac Renaissance (11th-13th centuries)

Syriac Theology in India

Prof. Dr. Dietmar W. Winkler

Beginnings of Syriac Christianity until the Umayyad Period (1st-7th century).

Syriac Exegesis: New Testament

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