“I chose to study the MA in Syriac Theology as Syriac is very important for theological studies and early Christianity. Syriac also played a great role as a bridge between different cultures, thus many texts from the church of Alexandria are preserved in Syriac. I enjoyed studying on the Syriac program and the MA course gave me a comprehensive introduction to the many fields of Syriac Christianity.

Now, I’m teaching Syriac language and Syriac Christianity at the Coptic Theological Seminary in Cairo and the Anaphora Institute in Egypt, the modules of the MA program gave me very good literature to create an introductory course.”

Zakka Labib, Alumni 2017

“I initially came to Salzburg as an Erasmus exchange student for one semester, but became so interested in Syriac Theology, that I decided to study for the MA.

Syriac studies has a lot of knowledge to offer and to explore and the MA gave me a great immersion in Syriac studies.

I am now doing a PhD at Thessaloniki University using what I studied in Salzburg.”

Panagiota Mikropandremenou, Alumni 2019