Syriac Institute Team

Aho Shemunkasho was born in Turabdin, south east Turkey. Following an MA in Catholic Theology in Paderborn, Germany, he obtained his MSt and DPhil in Syriac Literature from Oxford University. As the first co-ordinator for Syriac religious education in North Rhine-Westphalia between 2000-2006, he set up religious instruction in the public schools, including developing the curriculum, teaching and teacher training. At the University of Salzburg since 2006, Aho Shemunkasho built up Syriac Studies with an MA programme and a student house Beth Suryoye.

Dr. Aho Shemunkasho

General Secretary

Dr. Hania Fedorowicz


Hania M. Fedorowicz is an Honoured Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution. Born in Canada, she has lived in Austria since 1990, where she was director of the European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution (CBCR) from 1996 to 2019. Working in English, German and Polish, she has conducted training, seminars, community dialogues and community-building interventions in a broad variety of settings in all regions of Austria and surrounding countries (Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine). These include: school and classroom communities, intercultural and multicultural groups, professionals from diverse fields (psychologists, social workers, lawyers, teachers, students), peace institutions and university students. A graduate of McGill University, with an MA in Communications, and a Doctorate from the University of Salzburg, she worked for 8 years in the Canadian House of Commons in the area of international affairs, peace and disarmament, human rights and multiculturalism. She is co-founder of the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights.